{Home} 7 ideas for decorating your home office

Hello ladies! Since I started blogging I realized I have been spending a lot of time at my desk and I feel like redecorating it. I don’t know about you guys, but the environment in which I work has a big impact on my level of concentration and productivity. Working on an organized and clean desk really helps me focus and it is such a pleasure to spend time in a place that is simply as pretty as in the pictures below. I have done my research and I have gathered 7 great ideas for decorating your home office.

7 tips for decorating your home office + desk

1) Use a combination of white, gold and a bright color

Right now, I am really into white desks with touches of gold and hot pink! I believe this combination is so feminine and elegant. The white desk makes the whole thing very clean and neat while the touches of gold and colors add some fun to the office space.

Desk Pink Peonies

2) Have fun with office supplies

Do you remember how fun it was to shop for school supplies? Everything was fresh and new and you were ready to tackle a new year at school! Well, I still love buying pens, and pencils and stationary. They’re so pretty, they just make me want to make lists and write stuff! Of course, I have a preference for golden details, as always….

Desk StylingGolden office supplies

3) Make a statement with a touch of leopard

Why not add something like animal prints? I love leopard and I think that with a small touch here and there, it makes a room feel chic and decadent. Don’t go overboard with animal prints though, you want your office to look fun and elegant not cheap and tacky!

Desk with gold and leopard details Leopard lamps for home office

4) Put some art on the wall

As you know, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. I am convinced that art is one of the best way to soothe your soul. This is why I think that being surrounded by art while working or studying is a great way to make you more efficient and focused.

Duo Desk with art on wall Desk with art on the wall

5) Surround yourself with fresh flowers 

A quick way to brighten up your work space? Have a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses in a pretty vase, and voilà!

Fresh flowers for home office Girly Desk

6) Make an inspiration board

Lately, I have been working on several projects and I need to gather all of my ideas and inspirations in a place where I can easily see them. An inspiration board, is a perfect way to stay inspired while working.

Inspiration board Home desk whit Mac and board of inspiration

7) Use pretty storage

Boxes and shelves are a great way to add a fun touch to your office space…

Pastel home office White Desk and Shelves

Voila! I hope you enjoyed these little tips. If you have ideas to share with me do not hesitate to comment or share your ideas on twitter under the hashtag #rhizlainedecor.

Have fun!

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Images Pink Peonies and Pinterest


12 thoughts on “{Home} 7 ideas for decorating your home office

  1. Trop joli !
    Je dis oui aux fleurs sur le bureau, et en effet si avec tous ces conseils appliqués on n’arrive pas à travailler…
    J’aurais bien envie d’ajouter une fenêtre pas trop loin, pour avoir de la lumière naturelle, tellement agréable 🙂
    Bonne soirée !

    Liked by 1 person

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