Inspirational Monday & Blog Maintenance

Helloooo my loves! What are you up to today? This is just a quick note to let you know there won’t be any articles this week because I am going to transfer Quintessence Parisienne from to I am so scared because I don’t like technical stuff but I really want to take my blog to the next level! So if you have any tips please do not hesitate to share!

In the meantime, I am sending you some positive vibes today with quotes that really resonates with me right now. I hope you’ll find them inspiring. I’ll see you soon!

Bisous Bisous


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Faith and Dreams Mother Teresa Quote Quote CS Lewis Build your dreams Chanel Quote


Chic & stylish on a budget: 5 beautiful dresses under 50€

Hello ladies, I am back with a new kind of article that I hope you’ll enjoy (I know another one! again!). It is named: “chic and stylish on a budget”. I will share with you my shopping selection for beautiful pieces with reasonable prices. Shopping online can be quite time-consuming so I would like to help you in your quest for the perfect dress, accessory, shoes etc.. by selecting items that are both trendy and affordable.

We are four days away from spring and the weather is getting warmer and warmer here in Paris so I am now on the hunt for the perfect little dress to finally show some legs 🙂

I have chosen 10 dresses with very different styles. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

1. Structured FloralsAsos dress - Floral prints

Asos – Chic Floral dress – 41,49€

2. Pop of color

Asos - Orange asymtric dress

Asos – Orange belted asymetric dress – 45,49€

3. Geometric prints

Asos Asymetric dress with geometric prints

Asos – Asymetric dress with geometric prints – 41,99€

4. Romantic vibesAsos Baby Blue off shoulder dress

Asos – Baby blue off shoulder lace dress – 38,99€

5 – Immaculate White Asos Belted White Dress

Asos – White Belted Dress – 51,99€

6. Simple eleganceAsos Dark Blue dress

Asos – Textured Midi Dress with Pleat Detail – 49,18€

7. Dreamy florals

Asos Knee lenght floral dress

Asos – Midi Dress with Floral Border Print – 45,77€

8 – Scarlet red
Zara asymetric scarlet red dress

Zara – Asymetric red dress – 39,95€

9. Chic printsZara blue and white printed dress

Zara – Printed mini dress – 49,95€

10. Sexy leather 

Zara Burgundy leather dress

Zara – Burgundy leather midi dress – 49,95€

I hope you enjoyed my selection!

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{Home} 7 ideas for decorating your home office

Hello ladies! Since I started blogging I realized I have been spending a lot of time at my desk and I feel like redecorating it. I don’t know about you guys, but the environment in which I work has a big impact on my level of concentration and productivity. Working on an organized and clean desk really helps me focus and it is such a pleasure to spend time in a place that is simply as pretty as in the pictures below. I have done my research and I have gathered 7 great ideas for decorating your home office.

7 tips for decorating your home office + desk

1) Use a combination of white, gold and a bright color

Right now, I am really into white desks with touches of gold and hot pink! I believe this combination is so feminine and elegant. The white desk makes the whole thing very clean and neat while the touches of gold and colors add some fun to the office space.

Desk Pink Peonies

2) Have fun with office supplies

Do you remember how fun it was to shop for school supplies? Everything was fresh and new and you were ready to tackle a new year at school! Well, I still love buying pens, and pencils and stationary. They’re so pretty, they just make me want to make lists and write stuff! Of course, I have a preference for golden details, as always….

Desk StylingGolden office supplies

3) Make a statement with a touch of leopard

Why not add something like animal prints? I love leopard and I think that with a small touch here and there, it makes a room feel chic and decadent. Don’t go overboard with animal prints though, you want your office to look fun and elegant not cheap and tacky!

Desk with gold and leopard details Leopard lamps for home office

4) Put some art on the wall

As you know, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. I am convinced that art is one of the best way to soothe your soul. This is why I think that being surrounded by art while working or studying is a great way to make you more efficient and focused.

Duo Desk with art on wall Desk with art on the wall

5) Surround yourself with fresh flowers 

A quick way to brighten up your work space? Have a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses in a pretty vase, and voilà!

Fresh flowers for home office Girly Desk

6) Make an inspiration board

Lately, I have been working on several projects and I need to gather all of my ideas and inspirations in a place where I can easily see them. An inspiration board, is a perfect way to stay inspired while working.

Inspiration board Home desk whit Mac and board of inspiration

7) Use pretty storage

Boxes and shelves are a great way to add a fun touch to your office space…

Pastel home office White Desk and Shelves

Voila! I hope you enjoyed these little tips. If you have ideas to share with me do not hesitate to comment or share your ideas on twitter under the hashtag #rhizlainedecor.

Have fun!

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Images Pink Peonies and Pinterest

7 facts about my first fashion week

First of all, forgive me for the misleading title. You may believe that I have attended a fashion show but nope, I didn’t! However, it was the first time that I decided to go see what happens right before a fashion show. So, last Tuesday, I dragged a friend of mine to see what happens before the Valentino Show at the Jardin des Tuileries.

Fashion Week IllustrationIt was a really fun experience and I would like to share with you 7 things that happened or that I noticed on that crazy afternoon.

1) I was as excited as a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert

I know that this may sound so stupid for most people or anyone working in the fashion industry, but seeing men and women dressed in extravagant outfits was something so amazing, especially in Paris. The city is not known for its creativity when it comes to street fashion and people tend to look at you in a weird way if you dare to wear something a bit too original. Plus I could feel it was a reallly special event since there were photographers, (I saw Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist!), famous bloggers, fashion editors, and celebrities. It was all very exciting to me. Honestly, I tried to act like I wasn’t impressed but I was!

2) I saw all the fashion people that I follow on Social Medias

Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia

Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia

Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko

Caroline Issa

Caroline Issa

Chiara Ferragno The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni – Who is obviously not cold

Mira Duma

Mira Duma

And Suzy Menkes, Belgium singer Stromae, Leandra Medine, etc….

3) And above all I saw Olivia Palermo and her husband!

I have to make a confession: I actually went specifically to this show because I knew that Olivia is a good friend of Valentino himself. So I was 100% sure that she would attend the show. My friends, and the people who follow me on this blog know how obsessed I am with her! She is as beautiful in real life as she is on the pictures. I even managed to take a picture of her. See for yourself:

Olivia Palermo by me

Olivia Palermo photgraphed by me 🙂

Olivia Palermo photographs2

Photos credit: Glamour

4) Street style photographers are very aggressive

There were around 50 photographers, mostly men, running like crazy as soon as a “celebrity” stepped in the white carpet. It was very impressive to see how many they were and how they were fighting to get the perfect picture. They all spontaneously gathered to form a wall when they saw someone worth photographing (as you can see in the picture of Olivia above). At one point, one guy came in front of all of them to take a picture closer to her. All the photographers started to scream and insult him: “go away!”, “move your ass!”, etc…It was very funny and in the same time I could only imagined how hard it must be for them. You have to impose yourself among the bunch of photographers to take a good picture, edit your work quickly, and be the first to send it to anyone who would buy it. This looks like a tough job to do!

5) Random people dressing the part in order to be photographed 

I have seen a lot of people in funny, extravagant or extremely elegant outfit, desperately trying to be photographed. However, I don’t think any of them interested professional photographers. As I said above, photographers are only interested in famous bloggers, celebrities etc… But still it was refreshing, to see so many amazing outfits. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture to show you because…

6) I forgot my camera’s memory card!

You can obviously tell that I am new to this whole blogging thing, since, although I made sure that my camera was fully charged, I realized that the memory card was missing after taking 10 pictures and the internal memory of my camera became full. Seriously!! How stupid is that? And guess what? It was the day I was supposed to shoot my first outfit for the blog!  #epicfail

7) There were some pathetic stuff going on

There was this guy pretending to be someone famous and walking on the white carpet that led to the tent where the show took place. He was holding his phone to his ear like he was having a conversation but obviously he was not! Or this other guy, who was trying to get the attention of the photographers but they completely ignored him.

But the award for the most pathetic person goes to…. ME! Yes ladies and gentlemen, me, the 29 freaking-year-old married women running after a celebrity like my life was depending on it! I am talking about that moment when I saw Olivia Palermo, I literally started to act like a crazy person just to get a picture of her. And by the time I was done, I was shaking. So yeah! Congratulations to me for being a shameless groupie, among all the 14 year old girls.

Et voilà! I hope you enjoyed this little story. Tell me in the comments what you think about this experience! Have you ever done something like this? I would love to hear from you!

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Photos: Vogue, Fashion Wire Press, Glamour and me 🙂

Illustration: Quintessence Parisienne by Rhizlaine

{Fashion} The Statement Coat

Hello lovelies! Since the beginning of the month, I have been telling you how happy I am that Spring is almost here. However, it is still cold and I am not ready to let go of my coat. That being said, the transition toward better days is the perfect opportunity to start wearing something original and colorful. This is the right moment to let go of our black, beige and gray coats. This year, I am really into pastel colored coats especially in baby blue.

Lately, you may have noticed that fashionistas from around the world have been into oversized long coats that go below the knees. They are perfect when paired with high heels (unless you’re very tall and can wear a pair of sneakers instead) and pencil skirts or boyfriend jeans.

Are you ready for Spring? I guess the answer is yes!

Enjoy my selection,


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Baby blue boyish coatBaby pink coat and pink bag Blush Pink coat and white lace skirt Baby blue coat and lace pencil skirtClemence Poesy in blush pink fur coat Flower coat Hot pink coat Mira Duma Immaculate white coat Olivia Palermo Dramatic coat Olivia Palermo Fur Bottom Coat Printed blue and white coat Purple coat Two-tone cashmere coat

Weekend Inspiration #3

Hello my loves, I hope you’re doing well. Today I am writing you from the beautiful city of Lyon where I am spending the weekend. Often called the little version of Paris, Lyon is so pretty with its amazing architecture and its cute neighborhood.

Today, I am back for the sweet weekend inspiration, with the usual: flowers, great home decor and gorgeous dresses. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Photos: Vogue, Paris in Four Months and Pinterest

{Home} Decorating with Mirrors

Hello ladies! It is that time of the week again: home inspiration hour! You know I am all about simple glamour. I try to add simple luxurious touches to my life, my style and my home. I believe that with the right choice of mirrors for your interior you can considerably change the atmosphere of a room from random to opulent.

White Bathroom

Mirrors are an essential part of interior styling. They are used to reflect light, open up spaces and embellish the decor. I live in a relatively small place and adding mirrors has the effect of expanding the space.

Mirrors have the ability to make a room look bigger and depending on the weather, brighter. This is especially true when you use large mirrors (at least three-fourths as tall as the wall). You just have to be careful about where you place your mirror, you don’t want it to reflect clutter, a bad piece of furniture, or anything that you don’t want to see.

You can connect with me on Twitter @QPbyRhizlaine with the hashtag #rhizlainedecor to share with me your own home decor inspirations!

Enjoy my selection,


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Neutral bedroom with old golden bedroom Mirrored nightstand in neutral bedroom Luxurious Dining Room in Blush Pink Gold Mirror and zebra stool Girly Bathroom Framed mirror in entry with transparent table Baroque mirror in soft pink bedroom Beautiful Walk In Closet Big mirror in entry - Beautiful wall paper Elegant bathroomAll images via Pinterest

{Beauty} The Winged Eyeliner

Hello ladies, I hope you are doing well. Winter is slowly going away, the temperatures are rising and the sun is starting to shine again. This means it is time for spring cleaning, closet makeover and, of course, time to start experimenting with my makeup.

Asian beauty Big Eyeliner

I don’t know about you but during winter, my skin is so dry and sensitive that I don’t really feel like spending time doing my makeup. Of course, I have to be careful to hide my dark circles and conceal occasional redness but I don’t do anything special. My lips are too dry and my skin is too dull. Bref, I think I made my point, winter is bad for my style AND my makeup.

However, now that spring is just around the corner, I feel like experimenting again. The other day I stumbled upon a gorgeous picture of a woman with a beautifully applied eyeliner and I decided that I HAD to have the same result! Eyeliner can be very tricky. I am pretty sure that if you ever tried to apply it to your eyes you probably ended up with a perfect wing on one eye and a dirty smudge on the other eye.

I believe that beginners or people with two left hands (like me) should stick to the pencil eyeliner. I have been using the Shocking pencil liner by YSL, which allows an easy application, a beautiful result and, unlike other pencils, hasn’t dried since I started using it 5 months ago.

I love a good eyeliner because it instantly adds something special to your eyes, making them look bigger and perfectly shaped. And it can be very versatile too: if you keep it simple on the rest of the face, with just a touch of blush and some mascara, it makes a beautiful everyday makeup but if you add false eyelashes and red lipstick it makes you a femme fatale in a minute.

I hope you will enjoy my selection and tell me in the comments if you love eyeliner as much as I do!


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Cara Deleivigne Eyeliner Glamourous Eye Liner Glamourous Goddess Big EyelinerHeadband and eyelinerMessy Pony tail and eylinerRed hair metallic blue dress ang eyelinerHat and eyelinerVogue JapanSexy Eyeliner

All images via Pinterest

{Fashion} Mad about The Boy

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are starting your week in a great way! I can’t believe this is March already. Today I would like to share with you my current obsession: the Chanel Boy bag. I see it absolutely everywhere on the internet and I am pretty sure a vast majority of you have a major crush on this beautiful bag. It was named after Coco Chanel’s Boy Capel, the Love of her life.

The starting price? 2190€ for the smallest version. So for the moment I will keep on browsing Pinterest and Instagram and dreaming about the day this beautiful baby will be mine…

{Click on the photos to launch the slide show}

********************************** BONUS **********************************

Chanel with the love of her life Boy Capel

Here is a photo of Gabrielle Coco Chanel & Arthur Edward Capel in 1913. Chanel claimed Arthur Edward ‘Boy’ Capel was the love of her life. In 1919, Capel was killed in a car accident and shattered Chanel’s world personally and professionally.

Twenty-five years later, Coco explained to a friend: “ His death was a terrible blow to me. In losing Capel, I lost everything. What followed was not a life of happiness I have to say. ”

Images: The Blonde Salad, WhoWhatWear and Pinterest