{Home} 7 ideas for decorating your home office

Hello ladies! Since I started blogging I realized I have been spending a lot of time at my desk and I feel like redecorating it. I don’t know about you guys, but the environment in which I work has a big impact on my level of concentration and productivity. Working on an organized and clean desk really helps me focus and it is such a pleasure to spend time in a place that is simply as pretty as in the pictures below. I have done my research and I have gathered 7 great ideas for decorating your home office.

7 tips for decorating your home office + desk

1) Use a combination of white, gold and a bright color

Right now, I am really into white desks with touches of gold and hot pink! I believe this combination is so feminine and elegant. The white desk makes the whole thing very clean and neat while the touches of gold and colors add some fun to the office space.

Desk Pink Peonies

2) Have fun with office supplies

Do you remember how fun it was to shop for school supplies? Everything was fresh and new and you were ready to tackle a new year at school! Well, I still love buying pens, and pencils and stationary. They’re so pretty, they just make me want to make lists and write stuff! Of course, I have a preference for golden details, as always….

Desk StylingGolden office supplies

3) Make a statement with a touch of leopard

Why not add something like animal prints? I love leopard and I think that with a small touch here and there, it makes a room feel chic and decadent. Don’t go overboard with animal prints though, you want your office to look fun and elegant not cheap and tacky!

Desk with gold and leopard details Leopard lamps for home office

4) Put some art on the wall

As you know, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. I am convinced that art is one of the best way to soothe your soul. This is why I think that being surrounded by art while working or studying is a great way to make you more efficient and focused.

Duo Desk with art on wall Desk with art on the wall

5) Surround yourself with fresh flowers 

A quick way to brighten up your work space? Have a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses in a pretty vase, and voilà!

Fresh flowers for home office Girly Desk

6) Make an inspiration board

Lately, I have been working on several projects and I need to gather all of my ideas and inspirations in a place where I can easily see them. An inspiration board, is a perfect way to stay inspired while working.

Inspiration board Home desk whit Mac and board of inspiration

7) Use pretty storage

Boxes and shelves are a great way to add a fun touch to your office space…

Pastel home office White Desk and Shelves

Voila! I hope you enjoyed these little tips. If you have ideas to share with me do not hesitate to comment or share your ideas on twitter under the hashtag #rhizlainedecor.

Have fun!

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Images Pink Peonies and Pinterest


{Home} Decorating with Mirrors

Hello ladies! It is that time of the week again: home inspiration hour! You know I am all about simple glamour. I try to add simple luxurious touches to my life, my style and my home. I believe that with the right choice of mirrors for your interior you can considerably change the atmosphere of a room from random to opulent.

White Bathroom

Mirrors are an essential part of interior styling. They are used to reflect light, open up spaces and embellish the decor. I live in a relatively small place and adding mirrors has the effect of expanding the space.

Mirrors have the ability to make a room look bigger and depending on the weather, brighter. This is especially true when you use large mirrors (at least three-fourths as tall as the wall). You just have to be careful about where you place your mirror, you don’t want it to reflect clutter, a bad piece of furniture, or anything that you don’t want to see.

You can connect with me on Twitter @QPbyRhizlaine with the hashtag #rhizlainedecor to share with me your own home decor inspirations!

Enjoy my selection,


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Neutral bedroom with old golden bedroom Mirrored nightstand in neutral bedroom Luxurious Dining Room in Blush Pink Gold Mirror and zebra stool Girly Bathroom Framed mirror in entry with transparent table Baroque mirror in soft pink bedroom Beautiful Walk In Closet Big mirror in entry - Beautiful wall paper Elegant bathroomAll images via Pinterest

{Home} Dramatic Drapery

Hello lovelies! I am back today with some home decor inspirations. I just love the look and feel of beautiful curtains in a room, especially with long draperies. They can give such a luxurious touch to any place. Used either for the windows, as a way to separate a room or as a replacement to a door, curtains are so versatile. Below I have selected a few pictures that inspired me. Some of them are fantastic, I mean curtains in the bathroom? Genius!  Let me know in the comments what picture you liked the most!Pink BedroomBathroom Drapery Closet drapery Goblet pleats and stones Gold and beige room high curtainsBeige bedroom and black accents Grey curtains and purple pillows Taupe Bedroom draperyAll images via Pinterest

{Home} Decorating as a couple

White couch hot pink pillow home inspiration

Recently a friend of mine came to me with this question: “Rhizlaine, I loved your blush decoration article, but living as a couple it would be hard for me to put that much pink everywhere in my apartement. How can I keep that girliness wihtout scaring my boyfriend off?”

I completely understand her concern since, if I was living by myself my appartement would basically look like this:

pink room

Yep, I know, that’s a LOT of pink. But you may have noticed by now that I am definetly a “girly girl” and that I love pink, satin and bows.

However, when you live with someone you may have to compromise. So I have gathered some inspiration to help you keep a feminine touch among a more neutral decoration.

The bottom-line:

  • use lots of neutrals: white, grey or beige
  • add some black accents
  • throw in small touches of gold and/or pink
  • flowers are always a must!

What do you think of my selection? How did you managed to decorate as a couple? 

bed room pictures on wall Bedroom deco mac Blush wall and pictures Chair lamp and plaid Chanel n5 Entrance moroccan wall Garance Doré framed picture Grey and gold bedroom neutral bedroom
Prada Marfa Wall deco

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